Ikebana Ohi 117-15-F


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Weight: 1.49 oz / 42g

Length: 5.5” / 14 cm


The Japanese word “Ikebana” means “living flowers,” which is rather appropriate, as the artisan-made Ikebana pipes by Tsuge have been reputed for decades as elegant things of beauty. “Ikebana” also refers to the centuries-old, high art of floral arrangement. This art form originated in the 1600’s and was derivative of a spiritual practice by Buddhist monks and was to be done in silence and appreciation. Much like these flower arrangements, each Ikebana pipe is hand-made by one of three highly skilled artisans in a ritualistic fashion, with each pipe unfolding into a unique, orchid-like creation.


The newest addition to the Ikebana team is Yoshirou Ohi. An accomplished pipe maker of many years, Ohi joined the Tsuge family in 2014 and brings a slightly more eccentric aesthetic to the Ikebana line. While each pipe maker certainly has their own look, Ohi’s work gravitates toward movement and out-of-the-box asymmetry with his flowing lines and interesting shape concepts. Still keeping maintaining a Japanese organic appearance, his work stands out as different among the 3 artisans.